Background music free

Music is the kind of art that pursues a modern person in almost every corner. In any small city, background music can be heard from everywhere: from shops, at public transport stops, from concert halls, from street musicians or from noisy neighbors. It’s incredibly difficult to ignore art. And this is understandable.

Even in the era of antiquity, the Ancient Greeks began to comprehend this difficult craft. Inventing new and new tools, they searched for harmonies, ways of using one or another instrument, and experimented as best they could. And thus, they infected everyone with their enthusiasm. The Greeks loved music, and therefore they specially invited musicians to any events where a little more people gathered than usual. Over time, musical accompaniment, or, in a modern way, background music has become an integral part of human culture. With a still greater passage of time, another small, but extremely significant, integral part – background music free joined this integral part.

The Greeks gave birth to a new, incredibly complex and constantly evolving science. Music affects the perception of a person, on his emotions; a musician, like a puppeteer, controls human feelings, which is very beneficial, for example, to marketers. That is why background music sounds everywhere and everywhere: in order to force a customer to make a purchase under the influence of certain emotions. Therefore, in the modern world, ignoring the musical accompaniment is simply pointless. Music needs to be given special attention.

Properly selected background music is the key to success. But here is how to choose it? There are so many genres, especially from the time of the ancient Greeks, that among the diverse music it is very easy to get confused, to listen and never decide what to take. Fortunately, many people have already encountered this problem, so understandable, simple, but effective solutions have already been invented, no need to be smart. Each genre has its own energy, however, the main feature of the background musical accompaniment is the unobtrusiveness, and, if possible, the tune of the melody. These criteria make searching easier.

First of all, most genres of heavy and experimental music are swept away. Their surroundings and sound can scare away the average person, which will adversely affect the image of the company or the length of the video on Youtube. Two genres become ideal friends: ambient and lounge.

• Ambient – a viscous, relatively slow and melodic genre. No sharp bursts of energy, continuous calm and harmony.
• Lounge – a genre that was originally invented for playing in shopping centers. What can we say that the music of this genre is ideal for playing back?

Other than that, jazz may be a good fit. Also a melodic genre, however, is somewhat livelier and more cheerful than the previous two. There is already a question of taste and subjects of the institution. And, of course, classical music is an eternal, stable and unshakable good option for playing in almost any atmosphere. And, besides, in most cases, classical works are free to use, since this is the property of mankind. However, for colorful, dynamic videos, it’s better to look for free music of a more expressive nature.

In addition to the genre, music has another characteristic. The mood she broadcasts. Here, too, you can get into trouble. For example, in a shopping center there will be absolutely out of place a sad ambient, and, in general, sad music will not be suitable for accompaniment. The theme of the holiday is what works best. Good music will help the client to feel the peculiarity of the moment, and, therefore, can push him to rash purchases.

To create a more specific atmosphere, you can also think about which instruments will be included in musical compositions. Which is better for creating the mood of your institution or video: electronics or live instruments?

All the above criteria for choosing background music are clear. However, questions may arise about how to search for such music. Are there any compositions that will fully comply with a wide range of conditions? Yes, there are because nowadays music is no longer just an art, but also a real work.

A musician is a profession that helps hundreds of thousands of people around the world earn a living. That is why every second a new song, a new melody, a new drum rhythm, which could potentially become a hit on the radio, remain in the shadows, or ideally fit as a background to the atmosphere of a particular institution.

Therefore, the search for background music will not be difficult, especially when there are special services that allow you to search for tracks by special filters: you can choose an instrument, whether it be a guitar or an electronic synthesizer, tempo – the speed of music, mood – funny, sad, high, elevated or calm, with or without vocals.

There really is a lot of music – there is always plenty to choose from. However, the following problem arises here. Since musicians work to earn a living, their work must be paid. It follows from this that it is not enough just to download an audio recording and turn it on wherever you like – you have to pay for everything. For this, a copyright system has been created – each author has the right to receive deductions for the use of his product. All is fair. Therefore, you need to understand how to use someone else’s music.

Here a twofold situation arises, which is easily resolved based on the purpose of using someone else’s music.

Case one – author’s music will be used for non-commercial purposes. Such its use is quite possible legally and completely free. The only thing that is required from the music user is a well-composed link to the author’s site.

Case two – the purely commercial use of copyrighted musical material. Completely free to do this will not work, but to minimize costs as much as possible, certainly, is quite possible. To do this, you must purchase a license. Licenses are very different, with a different payment system: you can pay immediately and have your own copy in hand, or you can pay the artist so-called royalties every month for using his music.

If, however, it is unfair to use other people’s copyright music, you can get sanctions, up to a lawsuit. This is especially true for videos on popular social networks, for example, Youtube and Video: each video analyzes the neural network for the presence of other people’s content, and if it finds author’s music, then sanctions are imposed on the channel.

However, there is a solution that will not force you to pay a round sum for the license, and will not bring the case to court and proceedings. It is Background music free for youtube and video.
Some authors specifically write background music for free under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, which allows you to use this music for non-commercial purposes.

Other authors write background music under the Royalty Free license, which allows you to use this music for commercial purposes. It is this kind of music that is needed in shopping malls or videos in the background.

Thus, today there is a great opportunity to diversify your videos for Youtube using background music free under a non-commercial Creative Commons or commercial license – Royalty Free.