Background music for presentation

Background music today is something that we are somehow completely imperceptibly accustomed to. This kind of musical accompaniment is not particularly surprising if we hear it right on the street, inside a shopping center or while watching TV shows. Background music is an indispensable tool in a wide variety of spheres of public life.

Properly selected musical accompaniment performs two main functions: relaxation (for example, during a trip to a restaurant) and enhancing the emotional background (remember a tense scene from a horror movie). Sometimes both of these functions can be combined, but the main task of background music is to create the impression of completeness, completeness of an action or a process.

Background music for a presentation can include both of these functions – depending on the goals that you plan to achieve. Business presentations will be accompanied by calm or sublime melodies that guarantee confidence in the presented product. But if it is a presentation of a social orientation (for example, the dangers of smoking), then the background music will be alarming, fast, “screaming.” Often, it is the musical accompaniment that is delayed in the subconscious, linking a product or product with a particular melody. In other words, background music is the only legal way to increase the “thirst for consumption”. Music is able to cheer up, tune to a suitable tone, depending on the goals.

It would seem that everything is simple – you just need to find the right melody and insert it into your project. And now it’s time to remember the music license. Each melody has its own author and, therefore, it must be licensed by international copyright commissions. Some licenses allow the use of music in any form, while others strictly refer to even the slightest mention of it. Account lockouts or litigation is not exactly what we expect, using music as background music for presentations.

So how can you not infringe on copyrights? An empty YouTube channel and a test video that identifies copyright infringement will help you. The borrowing recognition system will definitely indicate what, where and from whom you borrowed. True, this method is quite long – sometimes it may take up to three days to check the background music you need for presentation.

The easiest way is to write music yourself – and register it as your own creation. But if you suddenly do not have such an opportunity – do not despair! Modern technologies tell us the solution to all problems and definitely should not be abandoned.

There is such a thing as royalty free music, which is significantly different from other types of licensed music. Let the word free not mislead you – this music is not free, but you have to pay for its use only once. In this, it differs significantly from other types of licensing, introducing prohibitions such as non-commercial use or use only with the name of the composer. Depending on the popularity of the melody, the price of it may vary. The author sets the price based on the situation on the market – therefore, it is not surprising that the price of some tunes can skyrocket. But do not be afraid – the royalty free catalog will satisfy even the most sophisticated customer.

An indisputable plus of this type of licensing is the ease of purchase. Already now in the vastness of the network you can find several dozen sites (both foreign and Russian) offering a huge catalog of music. The buyer only needs to register, enter the payment details and proceed with the selection. Each purchase is accompanied by a unique certificate confirming the purchase of a license. This is perfect for those who are going to go beyond “locality” – for example, they are going to create content for YouTube, enter the international arena with their product, and are going to use it in their establishments.

The only disadvantage of licensed background music for presentations will be the “non-unique” tune that you plan to use. Suppose you are the owner of a cafe and you need light rhythmic music that will play all day. If you get a tune on a royalty free service, be prepared to meet it with your competitors. The most popular melodies can sound literally from everywhere – especially if it is some popular artist, or a melody from the “top” of royalty free services.

But the fact that background music appears at cosmic speed will be undeniable. Every day on dozens of sites you can find something completely new, as well as rethought classics playing with new colors.

Royalty free background music will help you to be confident in the legitimate use of all elements for the presentation of your products – from a video on social networks, to creating a new product. This is especially true for this type of activity where the risk is high.